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China Textile City News
Keqiao Textile Index Knowledge Introduction

1. What does China • Keqiao Textile Index mean?

China • Keqiao Textile Index (Keqiao Index) is constructed by adopting the index method of statistics, which reflects an integrated index system about the development of China Textile City markets and Shaoxing Textile industry. It consists of a series of category index, including textiles price index, textiles prosperity index, textiles foreign trade index and order index.

2. Why construct Keqiao Index?

In order to build China textile city better and faster, assure its leading position in domestic textile market, extend the international brand influence, strengthen the international competition power, boost the upgrade of Shaoxing textile industry and promote Shaoxing economy to have sustainable development, it needs to enhance supervision and valuation to textile market and textile industrial development in a macroscopical level from quantity aspect, and provide more complete market information in time for the relevant manufacturer, seller and buyer and market dealers.

3.  Keqiao Index Structure System

China Keqiao Textile Index:

A: Textile Price Index: Raw Materials Index, Grey Cloth Index, Apparel Fabric Index, Home Textile Index and Fashion Accessories Index

B: Textile Prosperity Index: Market Prosperity Index, Industrial Prosperity Index

C: Textile Foreign Trade Index: Textiles Foreign Trade Price Index and Textile Foreign Trade Price Index

D: Order Index

4. What is the meaning of textiles price index and textiles prosperity index?

Textiles price index: based on the scientific product classification, reflect price changes trend of the products sold in textile market after choosing featured products, and collecting the prices, quantities and transaction volume. To insure the richness and practicality of index contents and meet the demands from different user groups, the price index will deeply classify the categories into the secondary and third categories complying with textiles classification system.

Textiles prosperity index: also called prosperity degree, based on the scientific product classification, build up the comprehensive index system (mainly consist of visiting flow, logistics and capital circulation, which reflect market development scale, and a series of index about industrial prosperity), and establish comprehensive index which reflects China textile city market and industrial development, calculated by statistic module in multiple levels and structures, by means of comprehensive valuation theory and methods.

5. Keqiao Index Innovation

Textile trade index is specially used for reflecting the foreign trade prosperity degree changed with export price of textiles in Keqiao market, a highlight of index system. Due to the difference in varieties, transaction frequency and target customers between foreign trade and domestic trade, and unfit with the former textile classification which is mainly designed for domestic trade, foreign trade index system must be different from price index system and market prosperity index system of domestic trade. We select out 40 kinds of export-orientated textile products in Keqiao market. Based on the relative data provided by 30 export companies, foreign trade price index and foreign trade prosperity index can be calculated separately.

6. Keqiao Index Feature

(1) The base period of Keqiao index are set in May, 2007. The base point of price index is 100, and the base point of prosperity index is 1000.

(2)Textiles price index are updated once a week, while prosperity index and foreign trade index are updated once a month.

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