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Current Fabric Quotation: Jacquard Printing Curtain Fabric, 170T Taffeta, Jacquard Printing Curtain Fabric, Knitted Flat Printing Double-sided Velvet, 170T Taffeta
Top 10 Popular Fabrics
(Update Every Monday)
Product Name Width Spectification Price
Polyester Printed Curtain Fabric 280 520g/m 12.80yuan/m
Cotton Pad-dyed Drill 148 20S×16S、128×60 14.50yuan/m
Polyester Lustrous Jacquard Printed Curtain Fabric 280 580g/m 14.80yuan/m
T/C80/20 Drill 148 20S×20S、108×58 10.80yuan/m
Cotton Pad-dyed Canvas 148 21S+21S×10S、72×40 15.30yuan/m
T/R Serge 150 450g/m 16.80yuan/m
T/R Doeskin 150 430g/m 15.50yuan/m
Polyester FDY×DTY Knitted Velvet 160 190g㎡/kg 21.00yuan/kg
Polyester Knitted Double Brush Single Swing Fleece 150 Polyester DTY144F 25.00yuan/kg
TW Slubbed Woolen Cloth 150 430g/m 25.00yuan/m
Total Price Index
Boom Index
Export Price Index
Export Boom Index
Top 10 in Rising
Lining +4.57%
Thread & Rope +2.45%
Daily-use Home Textile +2.41%
Nylon Fabric +2.03%
Polyester/Cotton Fabric +1.76%
Viscose/Wool Fabric +1.50%
Polyester/Nylon Fabric +0.80%
Blended Fiber Grey Cloth +0.78%
Pure Cotton Fabric +0.49%
Polyester/Viscose Fabric +0.37%
Top 10 in Falling
Polyester/Spandex Fabric -1.90%
Fashion Fabric -1.59%
Apparel Lining -1.56%
Lace -1.53%
Polyester/Wool Fabric -1.49%
Viscose Fabric -0.97%
Nylon/Cotton Fabric -0.93%
Bedding -0.52%
Chemical Fiber Grey Cloth -0.41%
Belt -0.40%
Latest Index
Total Price Index (Mar.30.2015)
Category Rate Price Index
General Category 0.03% 103.38
Raw Materials -0.01% 84.00
Grey Cloth 0.02% 103.22
Apparel Fabric 0.06% 118.35
Home Textile -0.01% 100.03
Fashion Accessories -0.11% 120.40
Total Boom Index (Jan.25.2015)
Category Rate Boom index
General Category -4.22% 1427.04
Raw Materials -1.49% 1082.96
Grey Cloth -6.98% 1630.19
Apparel Fabric -2.16% 1474.27
Home Textile -7.64% 1616.61
Fashion Accessories -0.52% 1989.09
Total export index (Jan.25.2015)
Category Export Boom Index Export Price Index
General Category 1331.01 137.74
Cotton & Cotton Blended Fabric 3593.69 100.93
Ramie & Ramie Blended Fabric 784.60 98.64
Chemical Filament Fabric 708.98 118.04
Chemical Staple Fabric 911.17 186.69
Tufted Fabric 1035.43 107.69
Embroidery 627.39 178.58
Daily-use Home Textile Fabric 1547.60 115.77
Curtain & Valance 2117.31 271.56
Impregnated, Coated and Wrapped Textile Products 1699.85 105.64
Knitted and Crocheted Products 1280.39 186.27
Video Online
The first anniversary of the release of "China·Keqiao Textile Index" and Textile Index & Textile Industry Transformation Upgrade Seminar was held in the afternoon on Oct. 25, 2008 at the first meeting room of Shaoxing county administration center.
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Comments (Update Every Monday)
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Warning & Forecast (Update Every Tuesday)
·Domestic Market were Steady  Jan.02
·Prices of Home Textile Recovered Steady  Jan.02
·Prices of Apparel Fabrics Rose  Jan.02
·Prices of Apparel Accessories were Small Fluc...  Jan.02
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Index Knowledge
·Conception and Categories of Statistic Index  Feb.03
·Keqiao Textile Index Knowledge Introduction  Feb.03
·Data Collection System of Keqiao Textile Index  Aug.23
·Textiles Categories of Keqiao Textile Index  Aug.23
·Keqiao Textile Index Introduction  Aug.23
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Popular Fabrics from Index Collecting Sources